8-14-2020 After waiting for 9 months for Lee County to help Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches, Inc in finding a suitable location for a replica of the Arches this was their proposal.  Our group voted 25 to 1 against it accepting the proposal:  

 On Monday, September 14, 2020, 11:56:04 AM MST, Harner, David  wrote:

Good afternoon Mr. McDonald,

To follow up on our conversation, Lee County always supports honoring the history of our area through educational means. With this being said, we are willing to feature one stone remnant from the arches at the Main Street Park & Ride, along with a story board explaining the significance of the stone and the history of the arches. Please see attached illustrations representing our offering.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Thank you,

Dave Harner

Lee County Government

Deputy County Manager

11-19-2019 Yesterday, sadly the Fort Myers Beach Town Council voted against placing a 60% replica of the Arches in Crescent Beach Family Park 4 to 1.  Today the Lee County Commissioners voted 5-0 to use Lee County resources to help Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches, Inc. find a suitable location for a new replica of the Arches.  We continue fundraising for that eventuality. 


9-30-2019 A compromise was reached late last week.  Lee County Managers and Cecil Pendergrass sat down with stake holders.  60 ft of Crescent Beach Family Park was offered up to Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches, Inc to place a roughly 60% replica of the Arches in the southeast corner of the park.  Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches Inc. accepted this compromise.


9-12-2019 Marked the start and end of talks with Lee County about the footprint of the Arches in Lee Counties Crescent Beach Family Park.  We discuss roughly a 50% replica or a 100% replica footprint.  We told Lee County that the 40% replica of the Arches 40 ft was not acceptable to our project.  Lee County Director of Parks and Recreation, Jessie Lavendar vowed this is the one and only solution Lee County will offer our project.  No other location will be discussed.  So we are back to looking at other locations.  At this point we are seeking private property owners who would like to have the Arches built on their property.

7-8-2019 Thanks to action from Lee County Commissioners (Cecil Pendergrass). We were contacted by Lee Tran Director Robert Cody, he was assigned by Lee County Deputy County Manager David Harner to work with our group to help us obtain a construction temporary use agreement to reconstruct the Arches in Crescent Beach Park. He is reaching out to key stakeholders and we (Robert Williams and myself) will be meeting with County officials later this month.


On May 21, 2019 Ron Corbet conducted a public speak at the Lee County BOCC Meeting and our organization was granted an opportunity to meet with Government to discuss Restoring Fort Myers Beach Arches.  Cecil Pendergrass vows "We will get this done".


Ray McDonald <mickyds2002@yahoo.com> January 26, 2018 at 12:01 PM
To: Meurer, Douglas marlon.bizerra@dot.state.fl.us
CC: Jane Luchi Lawrence Massey Dist3, Larry Kiker Jeremy Fletcher Desjarlais, Roger


Douglass, and to all others involved,


 Thank you for your consideration, we look forward finding the answers as plans are set into place so we may get a yes or no answer to our plan.

For now, Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches will continue fundraising and awareness raising for restoring this historic icon. We look forward to partnering with community leaders in the future when there are fewer variables and an opportunity presents itself. Thanks for helping us restore Fort Myers Beach history.


Steven Ray McDonald
President, Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches, Inc.


From: "Meurer, Douglas" <DMeurer@leegov.com>
To: Ray McDonald <mickyds2002@yahoo.com>; "marlon.bizerra@dot.state.fl.us" <marlon.bizerra@dot.state.fl.us
Cc: Jane Luchi <bridgsplace@gmail.com>; Lawrence Massey <lawrence.massey@dot.state.fl.us>; "Dist3, Larry Kiker" <dist3@leegov.com>; Jeremy Fletcher <jeremy.fletcher@dot.state.fl.us>; "Desjarlais, Roger" <RDesjarlais@leegov.com>
Sent: Friday, January 26, 2018 11:51 AM


Subject: RE: SR865 Study changes to San Carlos Blvd and Main St Intersection


Mr. McDonald,


 Per your request, I am emailing you to document our phone discussion.

We do not recommend sponsoring the agenda item or any additional activity regarding the arch options at this time. There are significant efforts currently taking place regarding the planning of San Carlos Blvd. improvements, Matanzas Pass Bridge improvements and the continuation of construction along Estero Blvd. Given the significant unknowns related to each of those components, it just is not the right time to try to program the arches into the discussion.


 As I said, we recommend you stay involved in the FDOT process to keep up to date. Thanks for the cordial conversation and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


Douglas L. Meurer, P.E.
Assistant County Manager


1-22-2018 Letters to Larry Kiker Requesting at vote a Lee Council Meeting

From: Ray McDonald <mickyds2002@yahoo.com>
To: Larry Kiker Dist3 <dist3@leegov.com
Cc: Jane Luchi <bridgsplace@gmail.com>; "mrsabiston@hotmail.com" <mrsabiston@hotmail.com>
Sent: Monday, January 22, 2018 3:14 PM
Subject: Bluesheet Info




 Request Bluesheet consideration on 20 Febuary. 


ACTION REQUESTED: Accept motion to consider directing FDOT feasibility study for Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches, Inc. Project (The Arches) to determine the feasibility/proof of concept of restoring Fort Myers Beach Arches. Counsel will submit Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches, Inc Lee County approved engineering package to consider feasibility to Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches (1924-1979) as described and required by FDOT.


WHY IS ACTION NEEDED: FDOT will not look at our goal (To Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches) without Lee County bye-in. The look-ahead to a Community Aesthetic Feature Agreement to ensure there are no show stoppers. The south end of San Carlos Blvd and Main St lies in Lee County District 3 and is an FDOT controlled roadway SR865


WHAT ACTION ACCOMPLISHES: If approved by FDOT, Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches, Inc. will ask Lee County to submit a Community Aesthetic Feature Agreement to FDOT to restore the Arches. If denied, we request an alternate location be determined and revisited. The other option is deferring expenses and control of the intersection to Fort Myers Beach Counsel. The ultimate goal is to preserve the remains of the historic Fort Myers Beach Arches for future generations.


CATEGORY could be 04, 09 or 11 as determined.


AGENDA: Consent


Time Required: 18 Months


MEETING DATE: February 20th, 2018


OTHER: FDOT Community Aesthetic Feature Agreement




BACKGROUND: On 8/2/2016 Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches did a presentation to promote restoring Fort Myers Beach Arches, they have since incorporated and began to do fundraising to prepare for planning and engineering. The first goal of this organization is to restore the arches near the original location, with original materials, over the road, larger, taller and wider meeting all hurricane and FDOT requirements. To enable FDOT to look at the project FDOT must have Lee County Bye-in.


Steven Ray McDonald
President, Restore Fort Myers Beach Arches


The Flagpole is our interaction with Lee County Board of Commissioners

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